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So as many of you already know, Keiji Inafune just funded his latest game over at Kickstarter, affectionately known as Mighty No. 9. If he was still working with Capcom, I'd say this was the next Mega Man game. Since he's not, we can only hope Capcom keeps their paws off of him.

As far as what this has to do with the group: we've already received numerous submissions featuring the main character, Beck. Since this is technically a Rockman blog, the purist in me wants to turn down all those submissions. I've been debating whether or not to dismiss them, create a new folder just for that series, or even go as far as to start another group: Best of No 9.

I thought I'd ask for opinions here. What would you guys like to see? Should we include Beck and his new siblings into this group, or keep them separate since they're technically not Rockman?
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:bulletblue: BASIC RULES.

-Always be polite with everyone. No flame wars, no name-calling, no hate spam.

-Don't spam the profile with links or suggestions. If you feel there is a piece we should be looking at, that's what the 'recommend' button is for.

-If you have some complaints, send us a note.

-Don't insult other people or their art. There is a difference between constructive criticism and just plain art-bashing. If you don't know the difference, don't post comments.

- If you recognize a piece of stolen artwork, please MESSAGE US FIRST. Do not start a flame war or post accusations. If you let us know, we will look into it. Any links you can provide as proof of the theft (whether it's posted on DeviantArt or not) would help us greatly. If the person is found to be submitting stolen artwork, we will remove their submission, report them to deviant art (if we're able), and ban them from the group.

:bulletblue: TO JOIN.

No matter your skill level, everyone is invited to join as a member, and ever request to join will be automatically accepted. However, the same does not apply to art submissions. Please do not feel discouraged if your art isn't accepted immediately. This group was put together to display only the best of Rockman art. If your piece is not approved, please don't look at it as rejection. Look at it instead as a chance to improve your skills. Keep working hard and keep trying.

Since contributors are able to vote on pieces and decide what is accepted and what is not, you first must ask to join. Contributors will be expected not only to vote, but also offer constructive criticism when it is requested. If you would like to become a contributor, please send a group note with "Contributor" as the subject, and if you can, include examples of your ability to criticize fairly (links to comments you have made on other peoples art will work). If I feel you are up to the task, I will send you an invite myself.

:bulletblue:THE SUBMISSIONS.

-First, join the group!

-How to submit: To add a new piece, use the "contribute art" button, or choose a folder and click on the "+" button on the top right.

-Time limits: There are no limits, but if you have a bunch of artwork to submit, please try not to submit it all at once. Submissions over time will allow each individual piece to be viewed and enjoyed for longer.

-Submit to the correct folder. Submissions sent without choosing a folder create a ton more work for myself, and will delay the posting of the artwork. Do NOT try to submit to the featured folder; that is for admins only to decide what goes in there.

-Deviations put into storage found in our galleries will be automatically removed from the group, without notice.

-Deviations removed from the group by yourself can't be re-submitted

-You can submit your own pieces as well as suggesting other people's works.

-Any declined submission can still be submitted to the favorites folder.

-Once you submit a work, do not re-submit the same piece again if it's been declined, nor if it's still pending for a decision. If you think the approval is taking too long, you may leave a message on the panel of the piece you've submitted, not on our group profile.

-The submissions go through a voting process so if your piece has been declined and you don't know why, you can simply ask for a critique (if you didn't break any rules it would probably be a matter of quality) in the comment box of the approval message of that submission (the one which says that your picture is being reviewed/has been accepted/declined).

Don't send a note to the group to ask for a critique

-What is acceptable and what is not:

:bulletblue: Your work has to be from the series Rockman/Mega Man and it's numerous official games and series. However, it is ONLY for the games or officially licensed manga; no Ruby-Spears tv show artwork and the like at this time.

:bulletblue: Only finished work; no sketches, line-arts and WIPs. Backgrounds are not a requirement to be considered a 'finished piece', however it must be your final version of the art.

:bulletblue: If you submit a piece, and decide later to re-upload a 'fixed' or 'retouched' version, it will not be accepted. This is to avoid having multiple versions of a single piece in our galleries. So make sure whatever you submit is, is fact, the true final product.

:bulletblue: No sprite art. Period.

:bulletblue: No nudity, sexual content, or content of a graphically violent nature will be allowed. If you're unsure if your piece meets any of these, message me privately first.

:bulletblue: No written works, please, whether it be fan fiction or poems. Comics are allowed, but only if they are visually driven; no words.

:bulletblue: No traces, pixel dolls, vectors, bases and images created with some “generator” or "maker" program, modified screen shots, and official art.

:bulletblue: Only artwork that made it into the printed Udon Tribute book should be submitted to the Udon Tribute folder. If you didn't make it into the book, please submit your artwork instead to the appropriate series folder.

:bulletblue: No coloring or re-coloring of existing pictures, sprites, manga scans, wallpapers, stamps, manipulations of screenshots or art-book or fan-arts not belonging to you etc. The artwork has to be completely created by you.

:bulletblue: No icons, stamps, etc. Only full-sized art will be considered.

:bulletblue: If someone puts up free-to-color line-art, colored versions of this work will not be accepted. It must be wholly done by the deviant. Collaborations are allowed, but only to the finishing of a single piece. If you're unsure, message first.

:bulletblue: Cosplays are accepted but only one from a photo shoot please. Multiple submissions of the same cosplay will be rejected.

:bulletblue: Crafts are acceptable but only if they are made by you. No purchased crafts please. Also, please take into consideration the quality of the photo, as we will be judging the piece by those standards as well.



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aabarro13 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MattCarberry Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm curious to know why my submission was denied, was it in the wrong folder?
MattCarberry Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the request, I'm glad you like my work enough to present into your group!
ktimz Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013   General Artist
Thanks for the request!
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Thank you for the request to be featured here. I appreciate it. :)
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Thx for request!
nahuel-amaya Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks! I feel good :D.
Maqqy96 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your use of a traditional medium. I used to use colored pencils myself quite a bit in my art, and I appreciate the amount of detail you were able to work into the piece. Keep up the great work ^_^
nahuel-amaya Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! You have definitely made me feel good. There's something very special about the traditional mediums, maybe you can grab those pencils again, ;). Best for you!
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